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Proud to promote excellence

We are a small Essex-based business; far from let this hold us back, we put processes and procedures in-place to ensure we don't need the huge infrastructure, and some of the overheads that come with being a national, trans-national, or international business.

Something we are really good at is providing expert advice, and services that meet standards defined outside of our business, such as file-formats, coding-conventions, and making good use of the tools and technologies available to help you push yourself to the next level.

Powered by automation & integration

We are also experts in automation, and systems integration, and have our own WordPress, CORE, CRM & ERP solutions; which we can deploy, bespoke, migrate your existing and legacy systems to, and integrate with your other service providers, systems, processes and information. This can help to ensure you remain compliant, save-time, and gain critical insight into the data driving your business.

Currently systems we have integrated with include:
AppFogTwilioBigCommerceWooCommerceShopifyWordPressEvernoteDocslotAIMS 360 ERPEasyShopGoogle AppsDigitalOceanAmazon AWSMicrosoft OfficeOpen / LibreofficeQuickBooksDreamhostRackspaceDropBoxPaypalStripeAzureSharePointFirebaseTrellobespoke systemslegacy systems.

Keeping it lean

Because we are more lean and agile than most businesses, and because we like people, we can put people first, and strive for our designs, innovations and advice to be people-centric. We don't jump on band-wagons, we do favor a lean approach with addons for the additional. Because we are not targetted at multi-national businesses only, we work with businesses from your local businesses, to trans-national e-commerce sites, and have even worked on public sector, and government projects.

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Our Services

  • Digital Marketing

    We pride ourselves on gimmick-freeeffective design & strategy fulfillment to encourage engagement, visually showcase your products & services, & most importantly, help you to grow your business!

    Digital Marketing

    Things to know

    • Optimization Aficionado's
    • Experts in relevant Software i.e. WordPress, JS, CSS, Responsive Design
    • Bespoke In-house tooling
    • > 50% of clients we work with for over a year, achieve 6-figure turnovers, & increase sales.
    • End-result focused business with emphasis on delivery.

    Need more?

    • We use research to make important decisions
    • > 12-years marketing RESULTS!
    • Ability to Integrate & Develop platforms for MetricsOrder Fulfillment and User-Experience
    • FunFriendly & Flexible Team
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  • Business Solutions

    Ideal for those that need more polishedinnovative solutions to common problems than the wider market provides; We pair our marketing expertise and contacts with our state-of-the-art businesses intelligence code to help you shave that bottom line.

    Business Systems

    Things we do

    • E-Commerce setup & integrations
    • Microsoft Office Integrations
    • Sales Management
    • Customer-Care
    • Automation & Cloud-Scale
    • Case-Management & Service Delivery
    • Standards Compliance & Auditing.

    Need more?

    • Designed for User-Experience
    • Documentation
    • Support plans available
    • Bespoke modifications compatible!
    • On-Site Tailored-training possibilities
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  • Bespoke Development

    Value your time? want to stand out? Our Pioneering expertise is discarding the non-useful, time-consuming, & frankly bland, "traditional" software that cares about all it's users, more than each of it's users.

    Bespoke Development

    Why Us?

    • Extensive experience of post-launch support
    • Excellence achieved in multiple development languages & frameworks
    • Results focused approach for your peace of mind
    • Extensive code-library to draw upon to save time
    • Reasonable rates, Focus on Quality

    Need more?

    • Over 20 Languages Supported
    • Contributor & Developer of Open Source
    • Cloud-development & Connectivity experience
    • Dedication to stakeholder development, including staff & clients!
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We are unable to work for equity. Please do not approach us about this, as refusal may offend. Pro bono work only for registered non-profit organisations such as charities... (only one project per-year maximum is selected for Pro bono status)

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