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About Us

Proud to promote excellence

We are a small business located in Essex, dedicated to providing value for all of our customers. We come from humble beginnings, so strive to control costs, while delivering maximum value. Something we are expert at providing specialist advice, then executing that to meet industry standards, and best practices from years of experience to help you get to the next level.

Powered by automation & integration

We are experts at making computers do the leg-work for us, and you; so we can spend our time working out how to help keep you competitive, edgy and deliver what you have specified. We provide advice and guidance, as well as deliver-solutions, but we listen to make sure you get what you want. We use computers because they cost less, they are more accurate and hiring new ones is relatively straight-forward. Unlike I.T. Services of old, we love people too, so we want them doing what they are best at, not bogged down getting a degree in XYZ software.

The (slightly) techy bit (sorry!)

If you're looking for buzz-words, or you are a search engine, you'll love this bit:
PaaS IaaS SaaS VoIP ECommerce Content-Management Case Management Reporting ERP Systems Systems Admin Dev Ops Office Productivity Business Intelligence Deployment Data Software Integrations Digital Media Digital Marketing Fulfilment Bespoke Systems Legacy Systems

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Our Services

  • Digital Marketing

    We pride ourselves on gimmick-free practical design & strategy fulfilment to encourage engagement, visually showcase your products & services, & most importantly, help you to communicate so that you can grow your business!

    Digital Marketing

    Things to know

    • Optimization Aficionado's
    • Experts in relevant software
    • Services for managing post-delivery success
    • Pragmatic approach
    • Focus on business goals, not buzz-words
    • End-result focused business focused on delivery.
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  • Business Solutions

    Ideal for those that need more polished innovative solutions to common problems than the wider market provides. We pair our marketing expertise and contacts with our state-of-the-art businesses intelligence code to help you shave that bottom line.

    Business Systems

    Things we do

    • E-Commerce setup & integrations
    • Office Software Integrations
    • Sales pipeline connectivity
    • Customer-Care
    • Automation & Scaling Infrastructure
    • Case-Management & Service Delivery
    • Standards Compliance & Auditing.
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  • Bespoke Development

    Value your time? Want to stand out? Our pioneering expertise helps you to prioritise areas that add value to your business; Abandon bland "traditional" software that cares about all its users, more than each of its users. We automate tasks; we use dev-ops and years of experience to deliver the value you deserve!

    Bespoke Development

    Why Us?

    • Extensive experience of post-launch support
    • Scripted Deploys
    • Backup strategy & BCM
    • Results focused approach, for your peace of mind
    • Extensive code-library to draw upon to save time
    • Quality solutions
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5 Chalvedon Sq
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